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The consilium is the fundamental principle of the work of our clinic and the primary mechanism for achieving the best results in the treatment process. A team of doctors, which includes professionals who are related to each case, makes a collective decision. The consilium works by international standards and, first of all, reduces the risks of complications and thereby, improves the quality of medical services. It should be noted that the work of the consilium and planning of treatment is not limited to a one-time discussion of the patient's condition. The consilium is held as many times as the patient's interest requires. At each meeting, a detailed report is made, which is available to the patient on request. Many years of experience of the clinic "Consilium Medulla" confirmed the advantage of the consilium practice. For instance, an oncology consilium is held every day. In other cases, the consilium works according to the pre-planned schedule. However, the patient's interest always prevails. The consilium and the teamwork principle, as the most modern and efficient method of medical practice, is perceived as the basis of our success. 


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