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The “Oftalmij” clinic was founded on January 7, 1996 in Tbilisi. Its founder is a professor and doctor of medical sciences, George Javrishvili. The creation of the clinic was preceded by several interesting events. In 1987 George Javrishvili starts a two-year course of residency at Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex of Moscow. At the initiative of Svyatoslav Fyodorov in 1990, George Javrishvili was sent to Italy, Naples in Eye Clinic “Centro Oculistico “SOVIET” for the purpose of selection of patients and their direction for treatment. After that, during 1,5 years, under the guidance of George Javrishvili several Russian and Georgian ophthalmologists were honored to work in the aforementioned clinic. It was the first working departure of the Georgian ophthalmologists to Europe. 

In 1991 George Javrishvili defended his Ph.D. thesis at Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex of Moscow and in 2005 - doctoral thesis. Both works concerned surgical treatment of cornea pathology. With the participation of George Javrishvili, Eye Microsurgery Clinic was established in Donetsk, Ukraine in 1992, which functions to this day. In 1997, for the first time in Georgia, on the “Oftalmij” base were introduced operations of cornea transplantation and cataract phacoemulsification, as well as laser surgery on retina. It was a real breakthrough in the Georgian ophthalmology which, as a rule, had opponents. Nevertheless, new methods gradually spread to other clinics as well. Since 1997 begins construction of “Oftalmij” branches in Kutaisi, Telavi, Gori, Rustavi, Tskhinvali, Sachkhere, Zugdidi, Marneuli, Gldani.

In 2000 the only mobile operational unit was created in the country. The mobile clinic went round almost all regions of Georgia several times, at the same time were advised up to 50 000 patients and performed about 10 000 operations. The last 3 years the mobile clinic serves a population in the districts of Sachkhere and Sagarejo.
The “Oftalmij” clinic has always excelled in its charity. Absolutely free of charge thousand of economically needing patients received high-quality ophthalmologic services. Logical continuation of all this was the creation of charitable foundation of George Javrishvili in 2009. Every year the fund gratuitously performs up to hundred ophthalmologic operations of the highest category for the aid to the Academy of Sciences and the creative intellectuals (artists, musicians, literators and actors).

In 2009 the clinic began construction of the main office in Tbilisi, in Digomi Medical Cluster on 7 Mikheil Chiaureli Street. The area of the land plot is 6000 sq m and the building - 2400 sq m. The building was built on a special project. Were used non-standard systems and equipments for facing, plumbing, heat insulation and heating-ventilation (VRV). Suppliers - York, Reinars, Porcelanosa, Willeroy & Bosch. During the construction period were provided all the requirements of the international ISO-standard. On the basis of the clinic was mounted the ophthalmologic equipment of the last generation of such producers as Zeiss, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, Nidek.

Pathology treatment in childhood 

Children's department offers diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases, such as: 

-  short-sightedness;

- far-sightedness;

- astigmatism;

- amblyopia (“lazy eye”);

- squint;


Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment is successfully used in such eye diseases as:

- short-sightedness;

- far-sightedness;

- amblyopia;

- Retina degeneration (innate or senile);

- atrophy of an optical nerve (glaucoma, neuritis, post-traumatic atrophy);

- squint;
- inflammatory diseases of eyes (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, halyazion, keratitis, uveitis…);
- dry eye syndrome;
- computer syndrome;

Surgical treatment

- cataract surgery;

- cornea surgery;

- glaucoma surgery;

- vitreoretinal surgery;

- plastic surgery;

Laser treatment

- laser surgery of retina;

- SLT laser for glaucoma treatment;

- YAG laser for secondary cataract and glaucoma treatment.